Educational Assessments


Is your child exceptionally gifted? Perhaps he or she is displaying difficulty at school? A thorough Psycho-Educational Assessment – also known as a Cognitive, Academic or Cross-battery Assessment – can assist in determining your child’s strengths, weaknesses and overall academic ability.

Additional social, emotional and behavioural assessments may also be included if there are concerns about these areas. The assessment results can help you to understand your child’s unique learning needs, detect any underlying problems, provide specific recommendations to maximise engagement at school and identify realistic vocational options.


  • Cognitive and academic assessments
  • Specific learning disability assessments
  • Giftedness assessments
  • Vocational assessments (ideal for secondary level students).


  • You are concerned about your child’s learning or progress at school
  • You want to understand your child’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Your child is being considered for early entry to kindergarten or school
  • Your child’s school has requested an assessment for funding or special consideration (e.g. for VCE exams)
  • Your child is in secondary school and is ready to explore subject choices, further education options and possible future career paths.


Our Psycho-Educational Assessment process starts with an initial consultations with parents in order to obtain an understanding of a child’s background and history. It then involves a series of cognitive and academic assessments.

Once the assessment results have been analysed, we provide parents with a comprehensive report as well as detailed feedback and recommendations. Feedback for your child’s teacher/s and/or academic tutor can also be arranged, if required.

Our friendly and highly experienced team provides a relaxed, non-threatening environment for your child to explore different ways of learning and in many cases, the assessment methods are fun, play-based activities that children naturally warm to.

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