‘Screen time’. When most modern parents were kids, there was no such thing. We ran outside, we played with dolls and trucks, bats and balls, boys and girls. But as anyone with young children or teenagers now will know, managing the highly addictive nature of digital devices is a daily battle and one of the biggest challenges of modern parenting.

While there’s certainly no understating the many benefits that modern technology has afforded us, especially in terms of education and the dissemination of information, most of us are still in the honeymoon phase with our personal devices and the novelty is still yet to wear off. This is especially so for children and teenagers.


Regardless of whether you’re an adult or a child, in today’s media-saturated world it’s pretty standard to spend at least a couple of hours each day consuming digital information – be it via television, web browsing, texting, gaming or social media. So what’s the impact of that in terms of our social, physical and emotional health and overall wellbeing?

Most parents, teachers and health care professionals strongly suspect that excessive screen time has a negative impact on a child’s health and development, and increasingly studies are showing that to be the case.