Our Team

Lekshmi Sasidharan Nair

Lekshmi Sasidharan Nair

Psychologist, BA(Psych), MSc(App Psych), MPhil(Clin Psych)

Rachel Kovacevic

Rachel Kovacevic

Managing Director, Principal Clinical Psychologist BA, BSC (HONS), MPYSCH (CLIN), MAPS

Scott Wakeling

Scott Wakeling

Psychologist - BPsychSc (Hons), MPsych (Clin)

Lekshmi's Bio

With her clinical experience both locally and abroad, Lekshmi brings a wealth of cross-cultural skills to our team.

Lekshmi sees each individual as unique, with inherent capacity for self-discovery and growth in a supportive and accepting therapeutic environment.  Her expertise in a range of clinical treatment modalities is valued by adults dealing with stress, anxiety and mood disorders.

She works with all age groups – children through to adults – and is skilled in cognitive assessments and functional behaviour assessments.

In addition to English, Lekshmi is also proficient in Malayalam and Hindi.

Rachel's Bio

Rachel has acquired considerable skill in service development and clinical leadership through a range of senior roles in health, education, corporate and community settings.  

She is an advocate for service delivery models that balance financial sustainability with principles of equity and accessibility; and is skilled in methods of qualitative research, including conducting interviews and facilitating focus groups.

Rachel is regularly called on to present workshops and seminars to allied health professionals and provides supervision and mentoring to postgraduate students and clinicians.  She is an endorsed Clinical Psychologist, an accredited Rehabilitation Provider and an AHPRA-accredited Supervisor.

Her particular areas of expertise include pain and psychosomatic medicine; and expressive therapy and sand play.

Rachel especially enjoys working with young adults, children and families. Rachel’s clients appreciate her sense of humor, down to earth approach, and experience in the assessment and treatment of a wide range of mental health concerns.

Scott's Bio

Scott has a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and is experienced in working with adults, adolescents and parents.

He’s treated and assessed a range of mental health issues in community, clinical, health, and research settings, working collaboratively with clients on issues such as anxiety, depression, relationships, life transitions and health concerns.

Scott uses evidence-based techniques and an approach that’s both analytical and person-centred. His belief is that we each have the ability to realise our potential and to make positive changes.

Sneha Jethmalani

Sneha Jethmalani


Sneha's Bio
Sneha is a psychologist with several years’ experience working with children and adolescents, both in educational settings and the private sector.

She has a strong interest in counselling children on a variety of issues, including anxiety, low self-esteem, parental separation problems and challenging behaviours.

Sneha also has extensive experience conducting psycho-educational assessments for students with learning difficulties, giftedness or those seeking early entry to Grade Prep.

Dr Sylvia Simmonds

Dr Sylvia Simmonds

Clinical Psychologist, BA(Psych), MSc(App Psych), MPhil (Clin Psych)

Sylvia's Bio

Sylvia is an experienced therapist, with experience in a variety of treatment settings including acute mental health, chronic health conditions and mental health rehabilitation.

Sylvia’s strengths lie in her ability to build trusting relationships quickly, to ensure that each session meets the changing and at times unspoken needs of her clients. While Sylvia has been trained in multiple treatment modalities, her approach highlights the uniqueness of each person she sees.
Clients working with Sylvia can expect a focus on emotional experience and an emphasis on the importance of relationships, both inside and outside the therapy room. While she is skilled in working with a range of mental health concerns, Sylvia’s passion is in working with individuals with emotional dysregulation, trauma and personality difficulties.


Sara Davies

Sara Davies

Counsellor , BA (Hons), PostGradDip (Ed), MA (Coun), Play Therapist (Assoc)

Sara's Bio

Sara is a PACFA Registered Counsellor and an Associate member of Play Therapist Practitioners of Australia. She works predominantly with children and adolescents.

Sara has always been passionate about working with young people and their families. She has worked in both the disability sector and educational settings as a teacher, social skills therapist and individual/group counsellor.

Sara draws on a range of evidence-based frameworks and ensures she adapts her approaches to meet the needs of clients and their families. She has training in modalities including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and expressive therapies, such as Art and Play therapy. Sara has a strong interest in counselling children and adolescents with a variety of issues including anxiety, school related concerns (including school refusal and transition periods), social skills work and anger management.

Sara works with clients to enable them to see their strengths and offers a safe space to work through emotions and any difficulties they may be facing.

Client Relationship Team


Genna Upson

Genna Upson

Genna's Bio

Jasmina Jovcevska

Jasmina's Bio
Michael's Bio

Michael completed a work a placement at Outlook Matters in 2010 and has stayed with the practice since.  In addition to general cleaning, Michael is an enthusiastic generator of building maintenance ideas.  He takes care of the games and toys, maintains the symbol cupboard and ensures that our art and craft materials are stocked and ready to use.

He’s always up for a chat.  His favourite topics include music and movies.