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It is no surprise that the healthcare sector has been copiously dealing with the unprecedented effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, the healthcare system has had to change the way that it operates – diverting and adapting to new models of care delivery in a safe, accessible, and supportive manner. The emergence of telehealth psychologists and other online mental health services has significantly transformed healthcare for the better. From the basics, to conceptual understandings of psychology and counselling – this guide will be your ultimate best friend for everything telehealth related.

Looking to book a psychology or counselling-related telehealth appointment, or don’t know where to start? Outlook Matters is a progressive psychology and counselling service (based in North Melbourne), with a small client advocacy function and service development team. We have a dedicated telehealth service with a team of psychologists and counsellors ready to help you take care of your wellbeing no matter where you are in Australia! 

What is Telehealth?  

What is Telehealth and Why Might You Want To Use It? | ABC NEWS




Telehealth services allow patients to phone or video call their health care providers from a remote location for a consultation. Telehealth appointments may involve diagnosis, treatment, and prevention – given that a physical examination is not needed, and the patient cannot be seen in person. A telehealth service specific to psychology may also be referred to as remote therapy or online counselling, among various other names.

Telehealth services can be accessed by patients through a wide variety of healthcare providers. These include:

  • General practitioners (GPs)
  • Specialists and consultant physicians
  • Psychologists and Psychiatrists
  • Allied health providers
  • Nurse practitioners

Looking to see a telehealth psychologist or counsellor? Outlook Matters offers leading telehealth psychology and counselling services for all patients Australia-wide. Our team are fully qualified a ready to help – let us help you prioritise your health and wellbeing!

*Please note: the above ABC news clip mainly speaks about telehealth services in the GP (general practitioner/doctor) setting. Our dedicated telehealth service is fee based (out-of-pocket expense).


Why Is Telehealth Important?

Telehealth has played a significant role in providing Australian patients with the care that they need – in the wake of the pandemic and beyond. People who suffer from acute mental illnesses may find it difficult to travel to see their mental health providers in person. Additionally, those who live in rural areas, or who are financially disadvantaged may not be able to afford to cover travel costs or additional expenses when it comes to organising physical appointments. With telehealth psychologists and counselling appointments, these virtual visits aim to relieve patients of these difficulties in order for them to get the help and treatment they need.

While telehealth appointments are convenient and efficient in nature, they also ensure the safety of patients and healthcare providers by reducing the spread of illness. The number of people in waiting rooms is significantly reduced, so that those who especially require access to in-person care can do so without concern.

At Outlook Matters, we understand how important it is to put your health and wellbeing first. Looking to see an online psychologist or counsellor? No matter where you are, our Australia-wide telehealth counselling and psychology services are here to help. Book your telehealth appointment today!

See A Telehealth Psychologist Today


Psychologists are professionals that study individuals and groups to gain a better understanding of how people, communities, and societies function. By understanding behavioural, emotional, and cognitive processes – psychologists can assess, diagnose, and treat clients with the aim of empowering and optimising their health and wellbeing.

Psychologists are highly experienced in working with different people of all ages, backgrounds, and social contexts. That’s why, it is important that each and every client receives a person-centred, evidence-based, and goal-oriented approach to meet their needs.

Psychology telehealth services aim to make psychology consultations a little easier and more accessible for patients. At Outlook Matters, our telehealth psychologists and counsellors are here to assist and support you anywhere around Australia. We take pride in our ability to form strong relationships with our clients – creating a positive, sustainable change for the better. Call us today at (03) 9457 4327 or book your telehealth appointment with us online!

Telehealth and COVID-19 


The ability to access an online psychologist was available prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, but was not the traditional and most common method of therapy service on the market. This changed during the COVID-19 lockdowns when the Australian Government expanded telehealth services in 2020 – paving the way for the future of Australia’s online therapy field.

Since then, upwards of 200 telehealth counselling services have become permanently available for patients in Australia. The expanded service also introduced home delivery of medicine for the duration of the pandemic, and normalised electronic payment and prescription methods that continue to be used to this day.

As a result, today’s telehealth psychologists and counsellors are both well-versed in the ways of remote therapy, and have the tools to do it effectively. This means a smoother patient experience, consequently leading to higher rates of treatment efficacy.

Outlook Matters is one such telehealth counselling service that provides remote and easy access to experienced and professional clinical psychologists across Australia. Learn more about us by reaching out to our friendly team!

Benefits Of Telehealth Counselling

In addition to disease infection control during the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth counselling has a range of benefits that cater to a range of people, hence justifying the surge in popularity of Australia online therapy methods. These benefits include:

  • Accessibility
  • Timeliness
  • Comfortability
  • Reduced wait times
  • Ensuring privacy

Easier Access to Psychological Services 

For people with physical disabilities and mobility issues, telehealth counselling is a great option as it removes the need to travel to see a clinician. This agency allows for greater privacy, as clients will not need others to help travel to and from a treatment location (e.g., a physical psychology clinic).

Additionally, the accessibility of telehealth psychologists also aids people seeking mental health support from rural areas of Australia, where clinicians are more sparse and are less diverse in their specialisations. The effort previously used to travel to treatment locations can be redirected to the therapy itself, and hopefully better manage their wellbeing. Call us to explore your options today.


Telehealth counselling allows clients to prioritise their wellbeing within their busy schedules. We often feel most stressed when life feels its busiest, and it is then when we are the most vulnerable to mental and emotional fatigue. Ironically, in these same moments, taking a break for our wellbeing often seems unjustifiable. This feeling of overwhelmedness only seems to heighten if there is no relief, and the negative cycle continues until we get help.

Speaking to a telehealth psychologist online means that there is no need to choose between self care or your responsibilities. Book your telehealth counselling session within your lunch break at work, in the car as you wait to pick up your kids, or speak over the phone as you take a walk outdoors.



Oftentimes, those seeking therapy are in a vulnerable mental and emotional state. Not to mention, therapy generally involves a recollection of distressing events in order to first understand, then treat the issues at hand. Thus, making one’s therapy experience as comfortable as possible is key, and can even boost the effectiveness of the treatment itself.

Telehealth counselling allows individuals to speak to an online psychologist from the comfort of their own home, removing any possible stress caused by interacting with people, travelling to and from appointments, and saves time and additional costs.


Reduced Wait Times

By being able to access and complete therapy at any time and any place, telehealth counselling has made it much easier for clients to see their psychologist or counsellor, and for psychologists and counsellors to make time for their clients.

A variety of factors have allowed for clients to see their trusted online psychologists. They include:

  • Avoiding commute times to physical appointments collectively saves patient wait times
  • Lower levels of attrition – clients less likely to miss their appointments and show up on time, avoiding the rescheduling of appointments
  • Quality of care is maintained throughout virtual visits, meaning that appointments are productive and helpful to the patient

As a result, telehealth services have significantly changed the game when it comes to wait times as they allow for telehealth psychologists to see more patients efficiently and effectively. Consequently, there are less people left waiting for clinical assistance, and more people are able to get the care that they need.


Ensures Your Privacy

Despite the fact that it is normal and healthy to receive therapy, there remain some taboos around seeking help for mental health in some cultures and professional environments. As a result, one might not feel comfortable or want to disclose that they are receiving therapy to their family, friends, and/or employer.

Additionally, people seeking mental health services in rural and smaller communities may feel uncomfortable visiting a practitioner that is well known throughout the community. Especially in the age of technology and social media, it is easy to be well connected and thus self conscious about the chance of an awkward encounter with someone you know in a psychology clinic.

Looking for an easy way to access psychological support from anywhere in Australia? Reach out to the team at Outlook Matters – our trusted telehealth psychologists and counsellors can help you to better understand your situation, and take charge of your health and wellbeing.

How to Book A Telehealth Appointment

There are various ways to book and conduct a telehealth appointment, from over the phone to on your computer. Whether you are tech savvy or not, everyone can receive telehealth counselling services if they desire.

If you prefer speaking over the phone, contact your preferred psychology clinic and book a telehealth phone session. This will allow you to conduct your therapy session on the go, and will not require you to set up a laptop or phone for video chat.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more personal touch and are slightly more tech savvy, book a virtual online session with your online psychologist. Virtual consultations allows for both patient and clinician to engage in the same way they would if they were in a physical appointment.

Book Your Telehealth Appointment With Outlook Matters

At Outlook Matters, we provide telehealth services Australia-wide – no matter where you are, our team of trusted psychologists and counsellors can help you with your mental health journey. Book your next telehealth appointment with us today!

Useful Psychological Resources

Navigating the unending sources of information online can be overwhelming for people who need it most. Thankfully, Outlook Matters has provided some useful psychological resources to turn to when in need!

Visit the Black Dog Institute to read up on the latest mental health research in Australia. Understanding your mental health is the first step on the road to recovery.

Contact Beyond Blue to access their help lines for immediate support when you or your family are in need. Receive support around the clock, over phone lines, webchats and email channels.

If you are ever feeling alone or need some mental health advice, contact Lifeline for 24/7 support –  crisis support lines are open via text and call any time of the day or night.

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